Samsung Galaxy buds Vs.  Apple Airpods Pro 

Which is better AirPods or Galaxy buds?

The wireless earbuds industry is becoming more competitive particularly between rivals Samsung and Apple.

Just a few months ago Apple released the Airpods pro which is an improvement to the second generation Airpods.

Apple’s move came barely six months after Samsung had launched the new pair of wireless earphones, Galaxy buds.

And there are rumors that Samsung is planning to launch Galaxy Buds+ to compete with the AirPods Pro.

Both Apple and Samsung are selling their wireless earbuds on the improvements made on audio quality.

Also, both the Airpods pro and the Samsung’s Galaxy buds come with touch controls, meaning you can conveniently answer calls, play/pause music.

So, the question is ” which is better : Apple Airpods Pro or Samsung Galaxy buds ? Here is a detailed review to help you decide.

Apple’s Airpods Pro Vs. Samsung Galaxy Buds : Price

Retailing at $ 130, Galaxy buds are way cheaper than the Airpods pro which sell at $ 249.

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Design and Hardware 

The new model of the airpods look more like the second generation although there are some obvious changes. Most notably, the stem of the airpods pro is shorter and thicker than that of the airpods 2.

More like the second generation Airpods, the Airpods Pro draw their charge from a white charging case.

At lower end of the case is a small LED that indicates the battery status of the Airpods and a pairing button can be located at the rear of the case.

Overall, the design is classical Apple, and if you’re a fan you’ll most likely fall in love with the new model.

The galaxy buds’ case is cylindrical and just like the Airpods it’s used to charge the buds. The buds also have a charging port at the rear and an LED indicator can on the inside of  the case.

Unlike the Airpods, the galaxy buds have a very short protruding stem;  just like that of a typical hearing aid. The other difference is that the galaxy buds come in multiple colors; black, yellow or white.

Airpods on the other hand are exclusively white.

The Galaxy buds also come with wingtips which help to secure to them firmly on your ear.

In fact, they are a perfect fit for most users, and when placed in the ear they create a fairly secure and tight seal that is neither uncomfortable nor painful, even when worn for 3 hrs.

Unlike the Galaxy buds, the airpods are so light that you barely feel them in your ear.

Of course this means and great experience but you also risk losing one of the buds. Some of our staff have worn them to the gym and although none says they fell out, the general feeling is that most of the time the Airpods feel like they are teetering on the edge.

Overall, the Airpods are quite aesthetic, and feel very much classy,but still it all comes to personal taste.

Ease of Use

The voice assistant feature is the other big win for the Airpods pro.

All you need to do is say out “Hey Siri” and you’ll get seamless hands free control.  Galaxy Buds: while not as capable as Siri, Samsung’s Bixby commands come in handy.

While both buds have touch and tap controls, the galaxy buds may feel uncomfortable because too much tapping pushes them farther into your ear.

With the Airpods, you tap on the stem; note that due to the small size, you might find yourself missing the AirPods pro stem but too often to get you frustrated.

On the Galaxy buds, tap and hold to activate digital assistants or decline calls.

Tapping once will play or pause music, while a double tap prompts the buds to answer calls or skip forward.

If you are using your galaxy buds on Android phone, you’ll need to install a free third party app to change the control settings. Android apps can also be used to adjust volume of the galaxy buds.

The airpods pro controls are a bit different from the galaxy buds.

On Apple devices a double tap initiates or skips to the next track.

You cannot add volume using the touch controls but Siri will help you adjust the volume, pause, skip or play tracks. You’ll get similar controls on Android using third party apps.

Note that if you choose to use Galaxy buds with an IPhone you can only use default controls even if you are using a third party customization app.

Lastly, both Apple’s Airpods and Samsung’s Galaxy buds come with the “find my buds” feature meaning that you can use your phone to find a lost bud.

This however has its limitations in both buds, the iPhone for example merely shows the last location you paired your airpods to the phone.

The Galaxy buds on the other hand do not have a map functionality to help you trace the last location; instead the buds emit a sound when pinged, note that this is only possible when the buds are switched on and you need to be within an acceptable distance.

Audio quality 

Both the airpods pro and Samsung Galaxy buds have amazing sound quality, but user surveys show that Galaxy Buds offer an enhanced experience.

According to Consumer reports, “. . . the AirPods Pro sound far better than Apple’s earlier models, they still don’t meet the audio quality of our top pick for true wireless sound, the Samsung Galaxy Buds, which also sell for around $130.”

Still, the airpods pro remains a popular choice for consumers due to the active noise cancellation feature which allows you to listen to switch to transparency mode and listen to your favorite tunes while at the same time hearing sounds from the outside environment.

The Airpods pro also come with a speech –detecting accelerometer, multiple microphones and optical sensors.

Connecting your Airpods pro to Apple devices or android is also relatively easy, just switch on Bluetooth and place the Airpods ‘charging case nest to your device.

You might be wondering: Do Galaxy buds have noise cancellation? Well, the simple answer is no, though the galaxy buds have block some of the noise coming from your environment.  the buds come standard with an accelerometer, adaptive dual microphones and they easily connect to multiple devices via Bluetooth.

Battery & Charging

According to Apple, the airpods pro will give you up to 5 hrs of listening time when you’re on active noise cancellation mode.

You can get up to an extra 2 hrs of listening time when ANC is not engaged. The airpods pro’s charging case will give you up to 24 hrs of use when fully charged.

When fully charged, the buds will give you up to 5 hrs of listening time and the Galaxy buds’ charging case can be charged wirelessly; when fully charged you’ll get up to 20 hrs of use.

Final verdict  

The rivalry between Samsung and Apple has always been a fierce one and once again the two tech giants are at it in the wireless earbuds industry.

That said, the question remains, Which is better : Apple’s Airpods Pro or Samsung’s Galaxy buds ?”

Well, the simple answer is it boils down to personal preference and your budget.

Both buds are fine works of art. The sound quality is excellent; great-treble, excellent mid range and impressive overall  audio reproduction with a balanced bass.  The battery life in both is good. And they both connect easily to multiple devices.

However, the Samsung buds do not just score on design and aesthetic, they are also cheaper. But again if you are looking for that classy look that is typical of Apple, then you won’t feel a pinch paying $ 249 for a new set of the Airpods pro.

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