Do this if only one Airpod is working

It can be irritating if only one Airpod is working.

But still, Apple’s Airpods are masterpiece to say the least.

Only one airpod working

In terms of functionality, the Airpod is designed to connect seamlessly with all iOS devices and in most cases, this arrangement works just fine.

 Unless it does not; as is the case when only one airpod is working. 

Now then, here is what you need to do if for some reason either the left or right is not working

  • Start by pairing airpods with your iPad or iPhone
  • Launch Bluetooth with the settings button
  • Locate the “i” icon and tap on it to Forget airpods.
  • Tap confirm to complete the process.
  • Next put both airpods in the charging case, close the lid and wait for at least 30 secs before opening the airpod charging case.
  • Find the small button at the back of the charging case and press on it for about 15 secs or until you the status light begins to flash white. This is the airpod reset button.
  • Now take your Airpods and pair them again with your iPhone or iPad by placing them next to your device.
  • If you have turned on Bluetooth on your device then the Airpods will immediately appear on the list of paired devices.
  • Test the audio quality on both AirPods.

In case there is any debris, make sure you clean your airpods to see if the problem seizes.

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