How to connect airpods to android

Yes, you can connect AirPods to android devices.

Apple’s airpod 2nd generation and  airpod pro are arguably the most popular wireless earbuds out there.

In fact, they are the market leader in terms of sales

There are many reasons you might consider getting a set of airpods pro.

Most notably airpods have excellent sound quality (audio quality is enhanced by a special technology known as Active noise cancellation).

Also, airpods have a longer connecting range compared to other wireless earbuds that rely on Bluetooth technology, for example, Samsung’s Galaxy buds.

Other additional advantages of using Airpod with android is that they are ridiculously comfortable on the ear (you hardly feel them) and they come with a nice aesthetic.

Typical Apple.

How much will the AirPods 2 cost?

But if you do not own an iOS device (I Phone, I pad or Mac) you’re probably wondering whether or not you can use your android phone with airpods.

The answer is yes, Apple airpods are an excellent alternative for android users, although you might not get access all the features available on iOS.

How do I connect (pair) my android Phone to Airpods Pro?

Connecting your airpods with an android phone is as easy as pairing any other Bluetooth device.

Here is how it’s done

  • Start by opening the lid of the charging case.
  • Then hold the pairing button at the back of the case for about three seconds. This will activate pairing mode
  • Search for new Bluetooth devices on your android phone. Your airpods should pop up on the list of available devices.
  • Tap the “pair” button to connect the Airpods pro to your phone.

What can AirPods do on Android Pro ?

As you would expect Siri will not work if you are using airpod with android devices.

But there are other airpod controls features that work both on iOS and android devices, including active noise cancellation.

Other available controls include airpod double tap which is used to pause or play music.

Airpod previous  and next controls also work om android phones.

To increase the volume of your airpods on an Android phone , tap volume to trigger the volume controls.  Once the controls appear on the screen, simply turn the volume up or down as you please. 

You can use third party apps to access additional functionalities for android airpods or you can stop here.

Which Features do not work on Android Airpods? 

Voice Assistant:  Out of the box, you can’t use Siri with android devices. This means that there is no hands free control to do things such as play music or adjust volume.

Automatic pause: The airpods comes with sensors that detect when you remove either of the buds from your ear which prompts automatic pause. This functionality is not accessible on android devices.

Custom double tap settings:  If you are using an iOS device customizing touch controls is easy; some of the options include playing music, skipping forward or simply accessing Siri.

Automatized device switching:  Pairing Airpods pro with your iOS device automatically links are devices linked to your iCloud account, allowing them to switch from Mac, Apple watch, iPhone and iPad. This is not possible on Android devices.

Checking battery status: It’s quite easy to check battery status on iOS devices, simply say “Hey Siri” “how is my battery status today?” If you have an Apple watch, simply go to Control Center and on iphones, navigate to the today center.

So then, how do you check airpod battery level on Android Airpods? Answer: use third party apps such as Assistant Trigger or AirBattery.

Apps to help you use Airpod with Android phones

Assistant Trigger: 

This app allows you to check the status of your airpod battery.

When using airpod with android Assistant trigger also lets you use the automatic ear detection feature and you can also use it to customize tap controls.

The app displays Airpods battery level. Use double-tap to trigger Google Assistant or any other assistant app e.g. Bixby on Samsung phones.
> Support 2nd gen AirPods
> Display popup window showing AirPods battery level on case is open
> Display battery level in notification bar (pro)
> Airpods in ear detection. Pause/resume music automatically (pro)
> Double-tap to trigger Google Assistant
> 1st double-tap to pause/play & 2nd double-tap (within a few seconds) to trigger Google Assistant (pro)
What’s New:
Added Airpods Tracker support
This app has no advertisements

android apps for aairpods

Assistant Trigger v4.9.0 [Pro] APK – Technical Details

Before you start full Assistant Trigger v4.9.0 [Pro] APK Download, you can read below technical APK details:

  • Full Application Name: Assistant Trigger v4.9.0 [Pro]
  • Supported Android Versions: 6.0+
  • APK File Name: Assistant_Trigger_v4.9.0_marcx[Pro].apk
  • APK File Size4.4 MB

Assistant Trigger v4.9.0 [Pro] APK Free Download


Created by Georg Friedrich, air battery lets you check airpod battery level on android phones.

Air Battery’s interface is a replica of the informational screen that pops up on Apple devices when checking the battery status of the airpod  pro and airpod 2.

It shows the battery level of the charging case as well as the airpods.

Air battery for android also comes with automatic media playback and pause, although these features are accessible in a limited number of apps including spottily, Google play music, Youtube and Netflix.

Air battery for airpods pro

If you decide to donate to access pro features, you can activate an automatic reminder to notify you of the status of the battery of your airpods.

Here is the full list of features :

▶︎ see charge level of Apple AirPods and Beats by Dr. Dre (Gen 3) devices
▶︎ support for the Apple W1 and H1 chip
▶︎ self updating notification* (pro)
▶︎ the notification icon in status bar shows the charge of the lowest pod (pro)
▶︎ automatically open when AirPods / Beats are connected to the phone*
▶︎ only display the nearest AirPods / Beats*
▶︎ small popup to show current battery status of your AirPods / Beats
▶︎ In Ear detection for Spotify* (only with AirPods; experimental)
Was also successfully tested with Netflix, YouTube, Google Play Music, Deezer, Apple Music and BeyondPod
▶︎ supports:
» AirPods 1
» AirPods 2
» AirPods Pro
» BeatsX
» Powerbeats3
» Powerbeats Pro
» Beats Solo3
» Beats Studio3

Air Battery APK Free Download 

Official Play Store Link:


This app lets you change the theme of user interface. You can switch between three theme colors on android phones; pink, black and white.

It is also possible to activate the automatic ear detection feature using Podroid. Other airpod functionalities that Podroid restores on android include, airpod battery level, custom tap controls and dismiss buttons.

Here is the full list of podroid features available on android phones:

  •  You can check battery information using various themes such as pink / black / dark.
    • You can check the battery level of your airpod via the notification alarm / GUI box
    • You can also observe the real-time battery status in the notification window, and also set the cycle
  • You can use various functions (next song / previous song / volume up, down, etc.) by registering an event to Airpod twice touch / four touch.
  • Supports the function to detect sound when the Airpod is lost.
  • Airpod Double Touch / Quad Touch events allow you to set various actions on your Android, including the next song / previous song / volume up / volume down.

podroid for android phones

Podroid for airpods pro APK Free Download 

Official Play Store Link:

AirBuds Popup

This another app that lets you check the battery status of your airpod on android; this is displayed as a notification or as a screen overlay.

Airbuds popup also restores automatic ear detection, assistive listen and read caller, although some of these features are only accessible to premium users.

airbuds-popup-for-airpods pro.

Here is a list of airbuds popup features on android phones :

  • Shows a ‘battery popup’ when the AirPods is connected.
  • If in locked state, keeps a ‘battery notification’ for 1 min .
  •  Beautiful popup animation Notification widget
  • Shows battery information always on the notification area.
  • Dark theme : Dark popup/widget for users using Dark theme on Phone.
  • Wearing detection : Pauses playing media through AirPods’s wearing detection.
  •  Read caller : Reads the caller of incoming call to AirPods.
  •  Assistive Listen : Helps your hearing someone speaking who is near or in other place.


AirBuds Popup for airpods pro Free Download : 

Official Play Store Link:


Check Airpod battery level on android

This is one of the few android airpods apps that do not have a paid version.

Yes, you can choose to donate money to the developers but all features are available to all users.

PodsControl is an easy to use app that gives you access to features such as tap control settings and battery status on both airpods 2 and the airpods pro.

The user interface is simple and elegant, containing essential functions such as the list of discovered Bluetooth devices and battery status of your airpods.

The home screen contains four sections that display important information. At the top is a section showing connection info and the device name.

Next is a section showing the battery levels of the charging case and the airpods.  The other sections displays settings and monitoring system.

Podscontrol  for airpods pro Free Download :


Just like most of the apps on this list, AirPopup comes with many of the features that are not natively available on android airpods. It allows you to check battery status, view connection status, customize tap controls, change songs and activate automatic playback.

One of the distinctive features in AirPopup is that it displays both the listening time left and the charge percentage.

Airpod with android

There are two options for viewing information:  notification drawer or popup window.  If you wish to save battery life, AirPopup comes with an option to disable continuous monitoring of the Airpods’ battery status.

AirPopup comes as a paid version meaning that you’ll have to spend money ($ 2) to use it.

Here is the full list of AirPopup features on airpods pro  

  •  Easy to use
  • Clean UI
  • Music control using the physical sensors on the earphones
  • Battery Indication (in app and notification
  • Popup to view battery levels
  • Personalisable app Ear detection
  •  Toggle features on and off
  • Charging status

Additional information. 

The airpods battery level is read in increments of 10, for example 95%, 85%, 75%, etc.
Each asset (left pod, right pod, case) has its own battery level displayed.

The popup will trigger each time you connect your airpods to your android device unless you choose to turn it off in the panel.

Your airpods tap / squeeze sensors can be altered to perform different actions, for example play/pause, skip backward, skip forward, next track, previous track. It can be set to your chosen preference.

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