How to trade in AirPods 2 for Airpods pro

Can you trade in airpods?

If you have been using the second generation Airpods, you’re probably wondering, “can you trade in airpods 2 for airpods pro ? ”

Out of the box, Apple does not allow any type of in-store trade-in for Airpods.

But you can still upgrade to the new model without having to part with the full $ 249 and get to enjoy the Airpods pro experience (water resistance, active noise cancellation and more)

Airpods pro

You can trade airpods 2 in with vendors such as 9to5Mac.

In fact, a company like 9to5Mac accepts most Apple products, including Airpods, Apple TV, iPhone, Apple Watch, and iPad.

The only conditions are that your airpods are well kept and from a relatively recent purchase.

We have seen people get at least $ 10 for airpods that have low volume and extremely dirty. However, 9to5Mac will not accept your airpods if you have destroyed them.

Another site that accepts trade-in for Airpods pro is the Apple Trade-In/GiveBack program.

Just like with 9to5Mac, the Apple Trade-In/GiveBack program takes other iOS products, including smartphones, iMac, and even MacBook. Visit this link to trade in your Airpods 2 for Airpods pro.

I want to buy Airpods Pro: Where can i sell my apple airpods 2?

If you want to sell your Airpods for cash, then there is the option of using online marketplaces such as eBay.

And if you are wondering, “Where can I sell airpods near me?”, then consider listing them on craigslist or Reddit.

Social platforms, including Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram, are also great platforms to sell your old airpods.

You can also visit buy back electronics to sell you Airpods 2. Note that buyback electronics only accept fully functional Airpods that do not have significant flaws such as cracks.

If your airpods have a wireless charging case, buyback electronics will pay up to $ 42.  Airpods with a wired charging case will fetch you $28.

Airpods that are in a sealed box fetch up to $ 60 on buyback electronics.

Cult of Mac is another site that we recently discovered.  Just like buyback electronics, Cult of Mac pays good money for used Airpods, even those that are in poor condition.

Click here to sell your Airpods on the Cult of Mac buyback page

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