Apple Store education department enables students, lecturers parents, faculty, staff, and home schoolteachers of all grade levels to buy cheap Iphone, Macs, Ipad, Airpods (pro and 2nd generation)and macbook.

If you qualify for Apple store education discounts then you can also subscribe to Apple music at half the price.

Apple has a reputation for using smart tactics to get new customers and to keep existing ones and Apple store education is no different.

Apple education store offers unbelievable discounts on all Apple products and while this might seem like a loss for Apple, believe me it is not.

Apple is eyeing the long-term benefits.

The company is well aware that the education market is a huge one and anyone who manages to penetrate it is sure to make a fortune.

Apple store education

What discounts will I get on the Apple Education store?

There is no fixed discount that covers all Apple products on the Apple for education store.

Instead, Apple has set specific pricing for each product category on the online store.

Who can apply for Apple store education discounts?

  • Post secondary education students (Students in university and college)
  • Parents of post secondary education students: note that parents can only get apple store education discounts if they are making a purchase on behalf of their son or daughter.
  • Any employee in private and public education institutions including Lectures, teachers and administrative staff.

How to get Apple store education discounts

Anyone who qualifies for Apple store education discounts can apply for discounted pricing by visiting Apple for education store (U.S), Apple for education store (U.K) Apple store education (France) or any other country.

If you would rather not register to the Apple sore education website, there is the option to chat via Apple’s online store or simply call a nearby apple store to get assistance from customer services.

Note that you will be required to prove that you are indeed a student to get student discounts on Apple store education offers.

If you are in the U.S, then all you need is to provide your student ID or any other documents that show your student identity.

In the U.K, the process of verification on Apple for education store is a bit different.

Firstly you’ll need to visit either the Student Beans or UNiDAYS website.

Here you be requested to provide your personal details including your name, institution of affiliation, year of study and email address.

P.S: It is advisable to use your school network when applying for Apple store education discounts.

In addition, there is not much of a difference between the Apple education store and the regular Apple online store – only that the former has discounted pricing on most products.

Of course you can pose as a student or educator to get discounts on the Apple education store.

 However, if you succeed in making a discounted purchase I would advise you not to pick your products from Apple store locations because Apple retail employees regular audit students or educators to prove their identity

Yes, Apple allows this under terms and conditions, thus: 

 “Apple routinely audits the purchases of customers at the Apple Store for Education to insure that that all purchase conditions have been observed.

Should we discover that you have not observed all of the conditions applicable to your purchase, you authorize Apple:

  • If you placed your order by credit card, to charge to your credit card the difference between the amount you paid for the delivered goods and the price that Apple charged the general public for the same goods at the Apple Store, in effect on the date that you placed your order; and
  • If you paid by a means other than credit card, to (a) invoice you for the difference between the amount that you paid for the delivered goods and the price that Apple charged the general public for the same goods at the Apple Store, payable in fifteen days from the date of the invoice, and (b), should you fail to pay the invoice when due, institute legal action against you in a court of competent jurisdiction, with the prevailing party entitled to attorneys’ fees.
  • Should Apple not offer to the general public the specific products that you purchased at the Apple Store for Education, your credit card will be charged or you will be invoiced the difference between the amount you paid for the delivered goods and the price that Apple charged the general public for the closest equivalent goods at the Apple Store, in effect on the date that you placed your order.”

Apple education Store Purchase Limits

The following products are available on Apple for education store for all students, staff and faculty who for Apple’s store education discounts.  Note that these are yearly purchase limits:

  • 3 iPads
  • 1 Macbook pro
  • 1 Mac notebook
  • 1 Mac mini
  • 1 Mac notebook
  • 2 software titles

Apple education Store Student Discounts for non-U.S citizens

Apple store education discounts are not limited to U.S citizens. However, the verification methods differ from country to country.

Apple Store education discounts for Apple Music

Students can get discounted Apple music subscription as long as one can verify their student identity.

This offer is available in more than 80 countries and it is important to check country specific sites if you wish to take full advantage of Apple for education discounts

Apple store education

How much will I pay for Apple music with Apple for education store ?

If you qualify for Apple store education discounts then you only need to pay $ 4.99/month for up to 48 months.

This is significantly lower than the usual $ 9.99/ month for individual subscriptions so it’s definitely worth your while.

Apple store for education Apple TV deals

If you have an active Apple music subscription that you purchased through Apple store education, then you also get free access to Apple TV, including all streaming services.

Note that Apple does not allow sharing of Apple TV if you are on a student package.

Apple education Store Macbook pro discounts

Apple store education offers cover all student purchases on imac, imac with retina, Macbook pro and Macbook air.

This means that you can save up to half the price on Apple computers by visiting the Apple education store in over 80 countries including Apple store education U.S and Apple education store U.K.

Apple store for Education iPad student discounts

Depending on the model of ipads you choose you will get up to $ 50 discount on the Apple store education website.

Here is a complete list of Apple for education store pricing.

Note that you will not get any discount on accessories for either the Ipad or macbook.

Apple store education discounts on software

Apple for education store discounts also cover software bundles for audio and video editing apps.

Just like with the macbooks and Ipads, the verification process varies from one country to another.

The following software products are covered by Apple store education :

  • Final Cut Pro X
  • Logic Pro X
  • Motion 5
  • Compressor 4
  • MainStage 3.

Apple store for Education Back to School Events

Apple store education offers also cover back o school offers on multiple products and in multiple countries.

Students who qualify for the promotions on Apple education store are eligible to get free Beats headphones for all purchases of an Ipad or Mac.
Apple store education back to school promotions usually take place during the mid year period in the Apple stores around Europe, U.S, Canada and Mexico.

If you are in Australia, Brazil or Asia then you need to wait until January to get Apple’s back to school offers.

Apple education store for educational institutes

You can also buy discounted Apple products on behalf of an educational institution.

If you are in the U.S then you will need to register on the Apple Store for schools and universities.

For U.K students simply visit your country’s Apple store online or call customer services on 0800 912 0207