Can I get genuine airpods pro reviews on Reddit? 

One of the common questions we get in relation to airpods and galaxy buds is: can I get genuine airpods (or galaxy buds) reviews on Reddit?

Out of the box, the answer is no.

Scroll down to find out why, but if you are new to the term Reddit, here are a few facts for your reference.

Reddit is one of the most viewed websites worldwide – according to the latest Alexa rankings- coming in fourth after internet giants are Google, YouTube, and Facebook.

This is regardless of the fact that compared to other sites (including Twitter, Instagram), Reddit has a surprisingly simple layout.

Airpods Pro reddit.

By default, you will find a classical design with a very few graphics and text.

Users can share an original an original post, respond by commenting on original posts or respond to others posts.

Yeah, that is pretty much all you get on Reddit.

Oh! There are also millions of subreddits and communities.

Each community is dedicated to a specific topic and usually consists of subscribers and moderators (bots).

Same case for subreddits; for example in the technology niche you could find subreddits ranging from r/airpods, r/galaxy buds, r/wireless earbuds.

In each subreddits, you find all sorts of content ranging from links to informational articles, reviews and questions/ answers.

So what about the Airpods Pro/ Galaxy buds reviews on Reddit ?  

If you are looking for the ultimate airpods pro vs. Samsung galaxy buds buying guide then you should probably consider other authoritative websites and blogs.

In other words, you will not find the best galaxy buds vs. airpods review on Reddit.

There are several valid reasons why this is so, most notably is the fact that it is very unlikely you will find any professional reviewers on Reddit.

Remember Reddit is highly untamed; anyone is free to join as long as you have an email address, in fact it does not have to be your personal email ID because there is no need for verification.

Along with the unrestricted membership policy on Reddit, users have also raised concerns about privacy and speech issues.

These coupled with the fact that just like other internet pioneers (like Facebook), Reddit has become stale, and outdated means that more and more people will continue to leave reddit.

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