What’s So Trendy About Airpods proThat Everyone Went Crazy Over It?

Apple officially released the airpod pro in 2019 as an upgrade to the 2nd generation airpods.

Yes the new model looks like the 2nd generation airpod but there are certainly clear differences in the new design.

Most notably, the silicon tip which is shorter in Airpod pro.

Also, the body of the airpod pro is chunkier and the fit is much better.

The Airpod pro’s charging case is also a bit different from the airpod 2.

For starters, the new case is slightly thicker and wider. It is also a bit longer although, the air pod’s case is still the smallest case for any earbuds with active noise cancellation.

The biggest improvement to the Airpods’ pro case isthat it can be charged wirelessly.

This means that you can connect it to your Qi charger and go about your business.

Unlike the airpod 2 which  responded to taps to the body, airpod pro controls  are in the stem (force sensors).

So if you want to resume or pause a track, all you do is squeeze the stem.

A long squeeze will switch activate or deactivate the noise cancellation mode, a triple squeeze skips back and a double squeeze skips to the next track.

Other cool features that come with the Airpod pro include

  • three eartips to ensure the perfect fit
  • automatic music equalization automatic
  • a more sensitive and bigger microphone so that you can conveniently make phone calls.

The fact that the airpod pro fit perfectly in your ear means that you can even take them to the gym or running without the worry of losing them or draining them in sweat.

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Airpod Pro Sound Quality review

In terms of sound quality, there are certainly noticeable changes in the Airpods pro, primarily due to the noise cancellation feature.  While active noise cancellation cannot practically cancel the sound of a train, there is a big difference in sound quality.

Having tested the Airpods on numerous tracks from different genres, we can comfortably assert that the bass is consistently powerful and the vocals are rich across all genres (hip-hop, pop, and electro and indie rock).

Yes, there is a bit of   ‘closed off’ feeling, however the Airpods have an overall better experience compared to other high end wireless earbuds.

When listening to Hip Hop tunes by Migos, “Bosses Don’t Speak”, the vocals are clear, showing that bass and mid frequencies are balanced perfectly.

The bass and also sound better, making these earbuds an excellent choice for pop listeners.

To enhance the noise cancellation feature, Apple have added two mics on each earbud. The exterior mic is primarily used for detecting and analyzing ambient sounds from the environment.The other microphone is inclined towards your ear and is meant to pick up any noises that may reach your ear.

The two microphones are connected to each other using a software program that ensures continuous and consistent noise cancellation.

According to Apple, the airpods’ noise cancellation feature “adapts” the audio “200 times per second.”

One of the downsides of activating the noise cancellation feature is the microphone does not pick up your voice clearly meaning that you may be unclear on the other side of the call.

To make the call clearly, all you need to do is switch back Transparency mode.

In terms of weight, the Airpods Pro is certainly one of the lightest wireless earbuds in the market.

In fact, they are so light that you hardly feel them in your ears.

While this is a plus in terms of comfort, the airpods lightweight also means that you could easily loose one and fail to notice.

How do I connect my Airpod Pro  ?

To connect the airpods pro to your device is easy; simply open the case and your IPad or IPhone will get paired automatically. Make sure you are using iOS 13.2 to connect airpods to your Apple devices.

You can even pair the android pro with your android device though the process is a bit different.

Simply switch to Bluetooth pairing by long pressing the button on the rear side of the charging case.  Once Bluetooth paring is active all you need to do is search for new devices and you’re good to go.

Notably, some features such as auto-pause are not available on android devices.  Also, Siri will not help you on android.  However, active noise cancellation works perfectly on android.

The cool thing is that once activated the airpods get paired with all apple devices that are linked to your I cloud profile (Macs, iPads and Apple watch)

When fully charged the airpods pro will give you up to 24 hrs. of listening time. Apple claims that after the battery dies you’ll get an extra hour of listening time with just 5 mins of charging.

One of the things we found to be annoying with the Airpods’ pro charging case is it does not show how much charge is left.  Instead, you need to head over to your device’s battery widget to check the level of charge left on your earbuds.

Perhaps the most annoying thing about the charging case is that you still need a lighting cable; the cable that comes with the airpod pro is lighting on one side and USB-C on the other meaning you need to carry it around.

However this will not be an issue if you own the new iPhone 11 since it comes with a similar cable.


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